Wednesday, 16 April 2014

At Easter, well

I know it’s reckless
imagine you were God – not really God
but more a concept of a lamb and lion God
and sent a dove into a North-South earth and ice
and fished for men inside the East-West wind and fire.
How do you feel inside your spirit heart?
Would you turn out to become a little cross?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Book of Mormon

The theatre safety curtain shows
a cloudscape reaching blue aflame
like fiery ascension
or manipulation by a politician.

From the melee, every face arriving
encounters programme, iPhone
or partner, with senses conniving
craftily before a Big Show.

A trumpeter is practicing scales
clashing with the theatre of buzz
but the war ain’t started yet.

Drums overcome that puzzling trumpet
with an all American grin, anticipation,
firepower. Shock and Awe.

Monday, 10 March 2014

On the plane to Marrakesh, a

nine month old in nappies
played at peek-a-boo
reached out stubby fingers
wanted stranger touch.

Words were far beyond him,
contact made by palms
slapping all the tourists
getting fingers on.

We had sat in silence
‘til this terrorist
came upon our handsets
broke into our souls.

Monday, 17 February 2014


Near to Jung’s Big Red Book,
a bunch of roses – multitudinous
splashing – not logical
but simply pressing the effort

of crazy existence with no collateral.
Magic is rare and difficult, colourful,
but impelled by gusto and stupidity;
voracity of jester, drunkard and clown.

We need to make room for fools because,
in the end, there is nothing to understand
as wind rattles a casement,
spilling a scent of arcing flowers

and reasonable and unreasonable stand
shoulder to shoulder, bow in acceptance.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Dimmer

A Boy pens a sun like a smiley tangerine,
a Girl bounces steadily on her trampoline.
Mother makes tea and beams down on her family.
Father gives presents to them all on Christmas day.

A boy stays out late because there is a party.
A girl texts her mother and calls her new boyfriend.
Dad pens agendas and heads off for the Boardroom.
A boy fights mummy and father in the pantry.
Girl loves the heat of a smelly double poster
and sun shines light into cracks among the shadows.

A Boy gets his first job loading in a warehouse,
a Girl tries out loving with a few men and boys.
A Woman is married, settles into offspring,
a Man weds a girl with a single golden ring.
A new Boy is drawing a sunny tangerine,
a new Girl bounces on her Christmas trampoline.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Red and White

White cells are warriors parading through the bloodstream.
Red cells are powering the big pump up to speed.

Red wine and forehead, furious as bumblebees.
White wine (by sweetness) settles into calm.

Red cells propel,
white cells ignite;
delegates in lubricant, security and thrill
dancing a quickstep around and around.

But why circulation of paleness, intensity,
angry, protecting, hurting and calm
but for tall stories of wellsprings and bonfires
granting my chambers their work another day,
sharing the real stuff in redness and whiteness.
Red wine and white wine are luscious today.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


When Shakespeare chose to pick up a pen
he set a flow of ink in motion
with every  effort staggering
a nib - back, right, away - and scratching
catching black and in blue ink
his thoughts and feelings lurching out
(single words on a page revealed)
and thoughts and feelings lurching back
to head and heart from whiter spaces
between the letters, words and lines
(that’s the Shakespeare he concealed).