Friday, 14 May 2010


Do I ever think that words will last forever?

- Pass us another can it’s time to gargle

Or that a word, even Shakespeare’s words,

- Bloody Hell I had to pay excess on my ticket

will ever survive more than a few thousand years

- Who dropped that one, not me, it’s a corker

on paper, analogue, digital, a spoken human voice

- Don’t tell me to be quiet mate, you listen to me

because they’re temporal, of their time, flying, lost

- Just for t’pleasure I tell ya, talk to me, I’m sorry

like satellites heading to oblivion, a rocket zooming

- I’ve been out in five wars, matey, Afghanistan,

which seem important at the time, at their time of launch,

- Bloody idiot, there’s no need for that, pass me another, alright mate

and never decay but fly intact, soon buzzing far, far away.

- Psst, arhhh, slurp, gurgle, let’s ha another, I’m smashed, zzzzzzz.

You bet I do.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

To mingle with the universe and feel (Byron)

All that I can ever do

is feel, believe and speak and move.

Although I do believe

I can perceive, I do perceive

what I believe - and then I speak and do

what I believe is true!

All that I can ever do

is feel and hold beliefs; although belief’s

a crowd of ancient nutters waving flags called ‘influence’.

So, maybe after all, what’s only possible for me

to Be

is Real:

to Feel.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

On a train

a lady behind

sobs and sobs. I can’t see her

and my heart’s aching.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Of the many people I have touched

it’s Andrew –

strange and unusual

even now, nearly 21 years on – who holds

my face to his own, forehead to forehead:

a chubby face, clear godlike eyes,

soft and strong muscles like living elastic.

I can look into the starburst

of an iris and see twinkle, concern, mischief,

truth, old age, and, much, much more

-a wisdom-

as he pushes against me pressing

head to head, heart to heart and saying

‘Come on Dad, you can do it, you can do it!’