Friday, 25 February 2011


One day I drew

a picture of myself

- childlike and true -

and put a big circle

round the wee boy

I had craftily created:

a boundary, an area

so mum and dad can’t enter

because they want to change me

from stick man into fat boy

or make me much more handsome

by rubbing out (or hangman).

I used an HB pencil;

it’s a fine line.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


In this half-light, the light is changing slow

- another day of feeling minor fear;

time is up, and so it’s time to go

seeking, finding little things to know

and feel, confabulate, perhaps to hear;

in this half light, the light is changing slow.

Forever probing language, me and you,

so I can be not me - if I could dare;

time is up and now it’s time to go.

I’ll spout my words but who can tell me how

meaning climbs a spiral or a stair?

In this half light, the light is changing slow.

One day, there will be nothing left to do

except to take another breath of air

when time is up and getting time to go.

Humility’s a constant – God I know -

the need to bend a knee is lurking near.

In this half-light, the light is changing slow.

Time is up and so it’s time to go.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Fiery Lord’s Prayer

(from the Aramaic)
God of Spirit, Power

in time, energy,

void and matter, I’ll

make space for your in-

tent. Through me, fulfill

needs - by action - for

a greater purpose

on this bountiful

earth; learning and for-

giving as I go.

Staying true, we will

create fire and ast-

onishment again

and again. Amen.