Friday, 7 September 2012


Morning mayhem. The tent’s buffeting
like a mountain lion. Truer than words, it rumbles.  And up
in the sky a huge grey brushstroke stands with light behind.
Today has begun.

Andrew’s asleep and dreaming, snoring,
but smiling. He stirs; begins to dream awake another few hours,
reaching for essences dancing with clay.
Hungry for magic, a boy.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Page 1
I need a flashy headline – like RAGE!
Pictures of some naked breasts, a star

a girl, a funny caption, someone brave.
Need a colour scheme to catch the eye.

Page two is everything – a little story -
then my adverts – don’t be shy –

in a war of glances I need you!
Here you’ll find excitement – no thing too!

Page 3
Now you’re screwed and hammered-in to gaze;
caught within the noose of every thing

but if you want to feel the air and fly
wild and free and laughing, get RAGE.