Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Paradigm minds

(tough as table
tops) rise until
old corners melt
but every time
they thinks they ‘know’
- edges appear –
hold on tight!

protect themselves
from sharper words,
blades or bludgeons
desperate to
keep the same old
boring surface,
inner structures.

(precise in a
small jelly-brain)
will finally soft-
-en by ageless
power; blood-red from
our pumping bellies,
adam’s apples, heartbeats.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Rough Mystery

Van Gogh 'God took a terrible lot of trouble with this world study of his' 

Van Gogh says the whole world’s a painting study;
with form and colour, pencil dust
roughly pushed by fingers into arcs
on paper, shining, planned, unplanned.

Stepping back,
loving the action of it,
(and all the time it took)

I bet it feels good to taste
and smell and see
all the nascent parts
emerge and, listening, be.