Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mortal Coil

Nigel Smith sat on a train

setting off to Kingdom Come,

burped and peed and walked and wailed,

loved his darling Dad and Mum.

Studied hard – geography –

fell in love with Cecile,

summoned all his heat and guts,

bedded her – and kids popped out.

Property in Dunstable,

- semi – quite desirable.

Children left at Potters Bar;

(ring-home sometimes) - Skype their Ma;

Hatfield, Welwyn North, Kings Cross,

Nigel joins the queue, gets off.

Monday, 4 July 2011

To make a cake for a loved one’s birthday…

you need a schema, plan, a recipe

and start to get your hands into the stuff,

combine the goo with fingertips and love,

deciding when it’s ready for the heat

get all the candles ready to be lit;

say sorry when it’s overdone a tad

and, even so, go halves with beating heart!