Friday, 12 July 2013

Particle or Wave

An Einstein question.
When I walk towards a big wet puddle
in the road and a lorry heads on
towards me with a smiling driver

do I walk forward to risk a soaking
if he swerves in a chortling whoosh
or hold back in fear and in anguish,
afraid of a smile and a wave?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


go lively;
dance the riverbank
and two green plastic
chairs. Let’s guess –

several thousand insects? Fuzzy bills
chained by sunlight
into warm vortex
with a top

in the trees
and a sunlit edge
one meter wide (at the most)
where the whirling company is.

Only a few things matter;
to keep inside
this cylinder of warm light,
to mate,
the rest is not our business,
except  for Mozart
lilting and lifting,
weaving and intertwining

from my iPhone iTunes
and a glitter of
quickening sun on
myriad wings

and my projection of a dance
orchestrated as
show-time, glitter-time and spiraling jazz.
Mozart and Midges go lively.