Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Scientists can prove
that fire is in the earth
except that - when I light a fire
it crackles up, transforms,
consumes the outer flesh

but earth-fire’s an invisible
inner craze that pulses
out volcano pores,
earthquake eyes,
tsunami tears.

And burning sun?
- a mirror - way - out there - that lights
our earth in warmth
and sweeter fruit.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Ishq Allah

On Sunday morning all drops quiet:
sun turns up and rain ‘pit-pats’ to a stop.
Among such calm - silence lands
hard enough to feel another day.
Outside, gardens light, flags drop.

Autumn time is harvest time;
fruit and flowers, muddy roots
but I can move – my hand wags -
every finger independent,
coupled - separated - whole.

Now a thirst of longing - to be ‘Me’
and a deeper aching - to connect
(like rosy-cheeks of any early true love)
sweet and hurting, stirring up to climb
into my body, out, and find the fire.