Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Brian wasn’t looking for trouble,

when he entered the ward’s military kitchen

but, there, a young and wounded man

asked  him ‘You a conchie chum?

You look healthy, willing and able.’

He answered simply, flat, straightforward;

‘That’s the way I read the Bible!’


The soldier snorted; reached for his mess tin.


‘Listen mate, I’m only eighteen;

back from France where my pal was shot

shouted for Mum as he clasped and dropped

(I’ve heard a lot of shouts for Mum)

but at Dunkirk I got hands on a German,

stuffed his face in water ‘til his lungs were clogged.

I shouted him down, kicking, ‘til he wasn’t moving.’


Eye met eye at the door of the kitchen,

A smile,

look down.




Yes    thanks






for listening.’




  1. Is it possible that you are becoming one of my favorite poets after having read two poems? Who the heck do you think you are?!

  2. There are too many people misguided by their own nation, worse off are the ones that have been led to believe that a soldiers life is glamourous. It is heartbreakin to know that it is often the young ones that are led into the trap, likely it is because they are the easiest to convince.

  3. I like your stuff, I don't comment too much on blogger, it's usually such a hassle.
    wordpress is my favorite!

  4. It just slammed me & no thoughts have rescued me as of yet. The soldier dying screaming for his mother, I don't think Joseph Campbell researched that Archetype. Eye met eye brought up Eye for an Eye out of nowhere. Probably means nothing but it was a strong flash. Always get me to thinking. Nice to see you working thru a different kind of darkness...& always a smile, the truth of this brutal incomprehensible gauntlet of life. The Smile via John

  5. hi friend, thanks for the follow, very good poem here, with excellent imagery, thoroughly enjoyed it..take care...

  6. Heartbreaking imagery. I liked this very much. Thank you.

    Michael Crossan.

  7. So powerful and sad. And history keeps on repeating itself...

  8. minimalistic. brilliant efficiency of words. I signed on as a follower.


  9. Wow a cliffhanger of a Poem.......