Thursday, 10 February 2011

Modern Yorkshire Man

T’roof leaks

on t’conservatory.

Around and about

puddles on deck

wrecking red carpet

since 1997

and my missus upset

- just by piddling rain!

Tell you wot, I’ll buy a new carpet

with mi silver credit card

and give ‘er happiness

in a mo.

I copped it, yer,

I buy it.

life as it is

I once met a teacher,

a spiritual man (say, a preacher);

his favourite saying went like this,

‘Rocks are hard and water’s wet;

that’s the way it is!’

He’d parade in front of

hundreds of eyeballs, talking love:

I can see him now in photographs,

mouth open, spouting stuff

on rocks and water: fair enough.

Today - I realized that he was partly right –

bending knees, on this and that, I also felt

that water sometimes turns to ice

and even rocks can melt.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011




I’m a

I’m at

I’m at a

I’m at a X

I’m at a X roads

I’m at a X road

at a X road

at X road

a X road

X road