Saturday, 6 October 2012

Oh God

Happiness or lousy life?
Head to foot in fear and wonder,
am I in the dark or light?

Will I live as prey or hunter?
Am I plunging in the sea or
lifting wings for flight?

In a swirling world,
will one Technicolor movie
stop my head from worry?

Oh, let me stop ringing this bell;
Oh, let me escape from this shell:
Oh hell.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Mostly, I do my best to fend off
but here, with breakfast bacon,
coffee, iPad;
I get it down.

Left and right, two
flying finger pads
try to weave a net
from what’s around,
through ears and eyes,
heart and head,
with letters, words and spaces
tying a little philosophical knot
of what the hell is maybe happening,
why I’m here, what the people at the next table
are really saying
and whether one little letter, another word,
will settle, fly or capitalise.

On the radio, a jingle sings
and it’s travel news next.
Push-on, or stop, review;
turn off the mains, delete?

Monday, 1 October 2012


Feet have
almost gotten
home - through the gate,
the path, a door,
turning green
to grey and brown;
from natural to man-
made - corroborated
by harder edges
and the sounds
of one hand turning
a handle’s practical
activity exhibiting
pattern and habit:
splitting a second. This
has happened many, many times
before - but there’s
a pulse today,
an unending slowness
and a longing old
seeking of senses
zooming their fibres
towards, out, and passing
a dovetail of door jamb’s
open inclusion
compression and feeling
a spot of reality;
a hug with my son
who whispers my ear
‘Daddy, hello;
you’re alive.’