Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Gate

When the barrier stays down
a micro phonic voice
stutters ‘I can’t see you on my screen,
what’s the name again?’

There’s no real need to panic
even though panic’s a bodily instinct;
it’s more a need to wonder, be curious
about that continuing need to breathe

and that you really deserve to live
a little longer, to feel butterflies
in the gut and be tickled
for a while, licking lips,
coldly sensing fresh air,
one breath, next step, blinking.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


In sea shallows, I slope a toe
and feel that first shock
of electricity
when a little wave arises.

I take a step ahead now,
numb to the shinbone,

what to do next. To fight
for consciousness,
flee into apathy,

Skip ahead and a new wave catches
thighs - bring it on -
and another forward-move
until a boomer whacks my chest
to almost a topple
of torso and water.

I keep walking
beyond mindful tricks
of cold and danger
to go again
another time,
another push
knowing that heart is red and strong
with muscles a-tightening
ready to leap
and be lifted,
and swim.