Friday, 21 December 2012

Life’s backdrop

One day we set off
on a little trip,
oh Lord, to hike up
a middle eastern hilltop
in a madcap
attempt to find (on top)
a theatre of blocks
and yet no cairns of rocks
were there to guide or map
our way on up;
no arrows, dots
of paint - but on we stepped
(not at a trot)
without a single drop
of water in a cup
(to sip or sup)
and we didn’t stop
until we reached the top
where we three chaps
gave up
and stopped,
then clocked
we’re in the soup
and on that spot
we dropped
our cross.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Andrew will

dance through time like Peter Pan
and keep us dancing still;
freer than a sober man
or a girl who drank her fill.

Dancing’s like a spirit
that sober men endure
but drunken folk enjoy it
before they lie and snore.

Kick your feet and wave your hands,
feel the music’s wave;
drunk or sober, help us dance
like Elvis from the grave.