Saturday, 26 June 2010


… no matter how
often I laugh out loud,
my rascal son’s liable
to glance sideways
and take off
from where I stop
making sure I’m within
his whimsical line of vision
and, in one glittering
sound, chortle out loud
with hand over mouth
his body shaking
a miraculous stream of
mirth into moments
of folly for him and for me….

Friday, 25 June 2010


Not sure, although
it’s up to me,
whether to hate
my enemy

but love’s a word
harder to rhyme
than hate and so
it takes more time.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Call Centre

Press 1 for new product
you’ll have to go get that
Press 2 for any product
I ain’t set mine up yet
Press 3 for insurance
can’t do that, don’t want it
Press 4 for reservations
get onto the ‘net mate
Press 5 for blue moon
it’s O2 now innit
Our website’s online
I don’t know the password
ring later - or what?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Curved ball

Rain is falling like
tennis balls lobbed in the sky;
Wimbledon started.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Band

I fell off my bike and cracked a rib that
catches me out, even as I tackle
teeth. In bed she grabs my heart,
nagging me to notice her - by stabbing,
forcing wakefulness; ‘health and safety,
stay alert, and how about
symmetrical?’ A shallow breath grips
every waking step - to keep my ribcage static.

What is a force that holds my chest so safely in
the shallow end? No strength from me can
override a partial breath! A power, strong containing
hand, holds my trunk within a band, for healing time.
I’m in a cage because a mother-force beyond my ken dictates
a gasp. Why? For greater purpose than we ever know.