Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In the front seat

first thing:

sing Hickory Dickory Dock

and find shock words to rhyme

with 1 2 3

like bum, poo, pee.


Second thing:

wind down a window,

laugh shoulders

at brothers getting cold

and wet with rain.


Third thing:

thump me on the arm,

and warm with a smile

‘You OK Dad?’ and I reply ‘Yes, you OK?’

face ahead, say ‘Fine’.


Fourth thing:

look sidelong from a knowing eye

as if you clock what’s going on;

that you know I know when I nod back,

that, yes, I get it, this lifetime,

your Work.


  1. I like this a fond one for Dads and even mums everywhere

  2. Thanks for this! A very real and poignant ditty.

  3. Oh this is so so fine and goes absolutely to the very center of what all poetry is ultimately about - exquisite, touching. When I clicked the link I came expecting some Wallace Stevens of a morning if not Sunday and the subject of nothing brings us, as we know, all things, so it was with anticipation that I clicked the link.
    A surprise which did not disappoint.
    Thank you.