Saturday, 26 September 2009


We sat down with little wisdom
talked it through in mother sun.
I clamped my eyes onto your face
to prove myself right, to prove myself hot.

Brand your story, blaze it out,
words are logs on ruddy fires,
sentences snake around in knots;
ravel or travel them – I don’t care.

It all will pass, it will decline
but now we fan a mighty breeze,
radiate strife between two faces:
story, story, settle down.

Firestalks blaze, then they fall,
connected longing, love and heat:
time collapses soul to soul
mindsets melt when fire is burning.


  1. I see this is a carefully constructed poem, sustaining the metaphor and crafting the sound and even the feel to be churning, chaotic, not pretty, yet trying throughout to continuously resolve echoing the feeling of going through the "disagreement" that is the topic of the poem. Very well done. Gay @beachanny

  2. Good poem, well written and inspired. Keep the fire burning!

  3. I like your poem. Words are powerful. Thank you.