Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I met a man on a coastal path
who’d picked up fossils, amenites,
and stuffed them in a backpack as his plunder

on a superstellar mission
to grant his rocks a sharper blow
and let them out, whack them

from their cage into his light and space.
It would be very good for them;
to rest within his cabinet of freedom.


  1. Resting in freedom is good. Very good. Thx. I feel there is no distance of thousands of miles when I read your poems. Strangest thing.

  2. Martin Luther would love your poem. I writing my sermon for this First Friday of the Month. My CEO loves Martin Luther King. I like both Luther's. Interesting.

  3. This is beautiful in its simplicity, John. Your poetry is inspirational. I love the part, "grant his rocks a sharper blow/and let them out, whack them/
    from their cage into his light and space." I look forward to reading more! Happy Sunday! :)

  4. Nice poem, thanks, although nice is a problem compliment... Have you seen book The Map that changed the World? About first geology map of England. Fascinating.

  5. Enjoyed -- enjoying
    your nine sermonic,
    harmonic lines . . .