Saturday, 10 October 2009


In my fist I hold a cheap red apple,

asymmetrical, ready to be lifted,

crunched, before we head out for a meander

into amber woods. It’s October

when autumn rattles branches to the floor.

This apple handles true and simple, impossible

to capture in words but snuggles ready for eating

in an upturned palm, enclosed, like when our fingers

intertwine, eyes meet and a lump, half-sobbing,

stops my throat in a form we have no words for.


  1. Excellent - when Autumn rattles braches to the floor - I just love this line. In a form we have no words for...Delicious

  2. Oh, apples & plumbs. Can we throw in apricots? More things than yellowed leaves are falling. Thank you...You guys are enhancing my experience of the season. It gets a little deeper & more meaningful and almost, nearly & sort of close to majestic every day

  3. I love your images - am curious about your phrasing - or line endings and beginnings.

    This post isn't a criticism - I am curious about your thinking.

    why, for instance: when our fingers
    intertwine, ......

    I guess that the intertwine snuggles up to eyes meet but I am not sure it justifies it.

    but in the case of

    ...true and simple
    impossible (was that line break a computer space problem?)
    true and simple, impossible (?)

    Either way, I like this because the break implies hidden things about the apple.

    I think the break works better with the impossible than the fingers

    thanks, (Tweetoftime)

  4. Reading those words I feel that asymmetry is beautiful too. No need to be perfect to be priceless :)

  5. enjoying your poems