Sunday, 25 October 2009

Bath time

Rattling in his bath, I hear my son chortle.

Squeals and giggles rarely

abound some days … (hear how my mind hurtles

to scarcity, stops me squarely)

but all sounds diminish and even his warm bath

is like a star, a splash,

exuberance, chuckle: he’s certainly having a laugh

before a full stop - then a dash.


  1. A fun poem..brings me back to my own childhood..well done:)

  2. Rattling in his that one. Exuberance, I posted a quote about's life abundant, the full expression of being, overflowing with vitality. Nice one

  3. Nicely depicted these evocative moments! I've also enjoyed the musicality of this thread and your meaningful play with marks of punctuation like full stop and dash.