Saturday, 28 November 2009


It’s time to change so let’s get changed!

Why change? Why change - and into what?’

Any voice can be a butterfly

(fluttering like the tongues of fools)

but, if we could slow time and space,

we’d simply see the world as dream

and feelings, active, butterfly on.

The world’s not lost, the moment’s lost!

Go snail’s-pace with an open mouth

and voices cry a truer song.

Now cock your ear and hear the fun

echo away before we’re lost.

Don’t you dare upset the Big Conductor;

sing and listen; time for change.


  1. This rings very true for the times! Change is upon us! Time to be flexible and free flowing!

  2. Beautiful writing! Very inspiring truth in this. I've been reading your posts of the poems on Twitter, they are wonderful.