Sunday, 1 November 2009

Down's for life

Everything’s brightly coloured for children:

plums taste of purple and language is light.

Recall how we played and laid on the grass,

all sappy with newness bursting through glass

and what if every day opens as May-day

blossoming buds on an evergreen tree;

child-like-ness fired in your brain, never pruned,

like an unfading flourish, radiant for now

- yes for now - but again and again.


  1. plums taste of purple

  2. Beautiful. Wish we could all be children again.

  3. Childhood awakens with these words...I'm so very far from it that I didn't even realize I'd forgotten what it was. Childhood is Holy. Thanks for giving me a little taste of it again

  4. again and again...I guess it's never really over

  5. ..from Our perspective when We were young - beautiful words inspired by wonderful children - thanks for sharing Dad