Monday, 7 December 2009


Inside my brain - planets circle round a star

- words I never said;

caged by electricity

lacking courage, sleeping in a bed.

No leverage, no spluttering

associations in my head;

lonely, aging, damned, archaic;

dormant, Yellowstone, dead.

Detail, detail! Yes, but sound matters

and words are never sterile, hungry, sleepy or unfed:

defy gravity, unlock a feeling force because

at least these lines, I say, are fully said.


  1. Love those 1st lines, planets circle round a star, caged by electricity. I can see it & still there's so much room left that I have to fill in the gaps & imagine. A little verbal organism. Dormant, Yellowstone dead...So final, a tombstone composed of unspoken words. Yes, unlock a feeling force. Those unspoken words tend to propagate in my head...what I could've or should've said. I really really like this one & I'm not entirely sure why. It just pushed a button inside me. Keep Going!