Monday, 11 January 2010


If I could construct

a spiritual pathway

it would revolve

and lift a spiral

beyond any roof.

We’d walk in water

with both feet on earth,

because of the steepness

gasping for air.

To get into truth

we would poke at a bonfire

and yell at the moon

letting out light.


  1. liked it
    nice style

    from neerja twitter id yearning4d_sky

  2. I'm really enjoying reading this... but meanings are escaping me. Answer... in the last stanza, for some reason I'm interpreting the bonfire to represent an artificial light (truth) in which is found warmth, yet the natural light (truth) of the moon is being held in contempt.

    A pleasure to read.

    @salaamfreeland (Twitter)

  3. I'm trying to get the 4 elements to come together into truth - represented by human warmth and yes contempt for the moon as it has no natural warmth itself! I can see it's confusing and I'll have another look. Tx 4 the feedback; I appreciate!! J

  4. I certainly like it but I guess I didn't really "get it" either. Great to read the comment & your response, an added little treat

  5. I have experienced all of these lights at once...under a mountain sky, the brilliant stars, the chilly moon, the glowing campfire and the mysterious inner Light that reflects and intensifies them all. :-) namaste