Monday, 22 February 2010

31st December 2009

Always there’ll be our story of a light

hovering moon and snowflakes alighting

around our feet. We’ll remember a new year

eclipse, a spotlighted sky and really much more

than turning a decade. Yes, let’s make

words come round to snowfalling dark

and wishing of lanterns, high, lifted in friendship

and spangled by flakes from a blackening pelt

of the whole of the sky. We’ll hope to God

to re-make the silence; transform the land,

occluding the norm. Was that a beam

when our lanterns flew high or a gleam

from a hope of the fabulous? Steady your love

and come to your senses, it’s changing above.


  1. I like that line, "re-make the silence; transform the land," because it ponders the link between something-ness and nothing-ness, a reproduction of the cycles of existence.

    Your imagery is very compelling and your message rings well. I'm glad Leslie Moon twittered about you and I could find you :)

    The "Good" Doctor

  2. I'm glad you liked the poem and picked up my attempt at the void between something and nothing!! ;-0