Monday, 1 March 2010


If Leadership is

about the best decisions

who decided that?


  1. Hi! Do you remember me, John? I'm Wilson_Cruz . You followed me in twitter. Now, I write in spanish. But I can make a blog in inglish. For all english readers! Well, my english is worse than your english. spanish blog is:
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  2. Hi John,
    It was good to meet you at the weekend and I have enjoyed reading some of your poetry since then. Why not mail me? My email address is on the contact page of the Sanctuary site.
    Best Wishes

  3. Leadership isnt about the 'best' decisions of course. Guevara, Casrto et al set off with 80 others in a boat to start a revolution. Half were killed on landing.In the best cases of leadership, passion is a prerequisite and overides 'risk assessment'to a large degree. If passion is needed, then is leadership not primarily about heart?
    Different slant:
    If leadership is about heart,decisions will unfold by themselves.
    How about a series?! If leadership is about courage, decisions fade into insignificance?
    If leadership is about knowledge, are decisions made on the basis of relative ignorance? etc etc :~)