Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Saturday

My mates mean no harm

- they just lit a mock Judas

with fireworks and a petrol flame.

After all, we’re his enemies

so why not dance and kick ass,

enlightening all the darkness?

He sold the Big Man short

by dobbing Him in to the guards

so, when the fire dies,

we’re strong and hard enough

to torch this place

with a blaze of our own tough love.


  1. I've always thought that the tragedy of Judas was that he had the hardest job of all. There would be no Christ without the crucifixion. Someone had to enable it.

  2. There was always Christ. He is eternal. Don't give Judas credit he doesn't deserve or power he doesn't possess.

    There would have been no need for a crucifixion if there had not been all those Judases who betrayed God before it and after it, meaning we have all been a Judas one time or another. Judas did not enable the crucifixion. God enabled it. God did not have to enable it nor did Christ have to endure it. God could have said, “All human kind has betrayed me and turned from me, I’ll have nothing more to do with them.”

    The crucifixion was an act of love to we Judases and we all would have no hope without it.

    Judas may have disclosed where Jesus was staying, but he was not alone in betraying Jesus. All the disciples betrayed Christ that night. Peter denied he knew him, and the others ran and hid. The tragedy of Judas is the crucifixion was even a sacrifice for him, and he failed to grasp it.

    Take away the crucifixion. Take away Christ. Take away God. What are we left with but an impartial world in which we live briefly and then die?

    A world filled with many Judases and no Christ.