Monday, 3 May 2010

Hey Front Door

can I ask a question?

It’s not a tough question

and, in the end, not really about you.

It’s more about me.

No need for anyone who’s ‘lost’ to knock or ring today

but can you help me notice please,

have I got a grip on everything?

You know! Like car keys,

trousers, glasses, diary

and how many times,

between now or then,

closed or open,

will I recite my tiny questions?


  1. LOVE this! Aren't door poems FUN!?

    I wrote one not long ago and it took some people forever to figure out I was writing about a DOOR!


    Read my door poem here...

    THANK YOU for this poem. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

  2. :) so am wondering if you were locked out for a whole day and was your computer and/or phone inside -- enjoyed this one, hope you enjoyed it too