Sunday, 6 June 2010

Baby Cry

It burst out
like a rocket
despite my efforts
a roar full of hurt
Andrew thumps the table
‘Don’t do it!!’
murderous loud
and a baby, wailing
at a nearby table
shuts up.
We don’t have to search
for Andrew’s motive
- resonance –
when a nearby
hurting’s enough
to throw every energy
(all his inside sun)
out into stopping a cry.

Two minutes later,
Andrew lays his head
on my neck,
claps a man on the back,
pokes a chap in the ear,
chats to a waitress,
glances and waves:
world’s all happy again,
life’s a grin.


  1. baby cries are very...

    i don't have a good word for it.


    i have lately thought about them
    when in a store
    little crys from new babies
    total wails from older ones
    ear piercing sounds
    my old voice could not even begin to make
    no word
    that wind around the whole brain