Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Arrivals - Xmas 2010

The screen flickers, then changes
and times of trains are moving, changing.

This time of year, many things change;
although one thing seems to never change
- a tension between truth, half-truth and lie,

elastic, it leads from sunshine into shadow, night.
These days, it’s easy to deride
Truth, offering other headlines
from a mind – my trickster mind!

What occurs at eclipses, in deserts, big plains
is perspective – beyond our superficial terrain

and, as times up there on that screen change,
a train might arrive
carrying prophet, shaman, seer – or even a friend of mine.


  1. I like this. I wish you had Tweet or Facebook Like buttons so I could share this (and other poems) with others.

  2. Starts promisingly, but I don't think you complete the poetic circuit w/ the finish. Stick to the initial conceit, or play w/ a new one imo.