Monday, 31 January 2011

Coming at You

Starting small

Coming at you

Fireworks crashing through the night

Floating seeds

Flocks of birds like

Bursts of arrows in a spray

Motorway bridges

Bloody midges

Kids on bikes or roller blades

Cambered roads

Racing drivers

Crowds that walk the other way

Shower heads


Coming at you, bills to pay

Spiky rain


Objects on the carriageway

Gusty wind

Flashing mirrors

Motorbikes on sunny days

Sparky fire

Stinging rain

Coming at you, blinding rays

Words of Strangers

(Yada Yada Yada)

‘How are you today?’ they say

‘It’s you I’m talking to’ they say.

And, oh, the sweetness in a softened bed,

the pulse of sleep, deep sleep and half asleep;

a dream is coming at you, coming in you,

along the spindle of a gyroscope

and, in a drowthy half-light of a sleep,

golden threads of dreams come swirling through

coming at you, here’s one you made earlier;

preposterous, astonishing: right at you.

So, listen, in a crack between two worlds

where busy half-lid dreamers do their stuff,

coming at you, morning eyes are flickering

and, coming at you, birds fly out from turrets

and, coming at you, moonlit objects knocking.

Knock knock. The water pipes are warming up.


  1. I love this. Very re-readable, it really works. Some wonderful imagery here, I particularly like: "Flocks of birds like bursts of arrows in a spray" "the sweetness in a softened bed" "birds fly out from turrets" and "moonlit objects knocking". I really like the puzzling depth (in the context of the title" of: "Crowds that walk the other way"

    Excellent stuff. :-)

  2. While I like this poem, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your tweets and chasing them back here for your poems. :)

    Thanks for your sharing.

  3. Very nice use of words, repetition, its always nice to read brilliant poetry, and to grow in the process as a writer, hope to publish some of my poetry some day, and also buy a book from you too.

  4. All of the above. I really liked this one. I think I like your poems because the work shows through, all of it -- the poem itself, the working day, the going back and forth, and home, and family, and Andrew. It's all there. I really appreciate your focus because it helps me to reorient myself as well.