Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Two corners, some teeth,

a radiance, a reach,

a mouth on the up

by jowls and lips.

Cherry red cheeks,

a heart in a leap,

eyes - diamond – inflate

‘Connect to my fate!’

and yet I’ve seen another kind of smile

- the one that turns (not outside) but inside

reflecting light onto an inner man

as if a hidden furnace needs a stoke

by elements rotating as a fan

that airs an inner joy – maybe – (a soul).


  1. John,
    Very nice stuff here. I liked reading your poetry very much. I started writing poems when I was very young. Maybe I will dig them out and share them someday. Or maybe not, I was very young then. LOL. But, I will be back here.

    always write,

  2. A big smile here : ) thank you

  3. A memory flew outside, landed close but not
    for long, a peewee quick thought,
    a second glance,
    and my mind said,
    What idea is that? Is it caught
    in fragile nets
    vague memory tries to take a stance
    with history moving
    life always changing
    everyone forgets
    these days are quickly gone, done,dusted,
    some ideas dress as dreams
    some take a chance
    to become real and trusted