Saturday, 18 June 2011

To become real

tonight I’ll tell you, if you want to know,

about a desert campsite long ago

with mammoth bones and the moon a jeweler

striding out across a skein of stars.

Later, the sky darkened, with logs aglow

(until the sun put on a brighter show).

One morning, I woke up from distant sleep

and heard the thrill of a river running deep

into a song of possibilities,

a springboard of unusual surprise

telling me (with gusto) – time to see

the water in another person’s eyes

and all our painted tears make daytime night

until we crave connection – with the light.


  1. I find this poem fun to read. :-) Impressive.

  2. Like the desert and water mixed in with old bones.Nice.

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  4. Agreed! Always Craving Connection with the Light... and to that Light may we all as one, be Truly Connected. From that Light, we gain Brilliance that one alone may never have. Those who give Light, shine forth from the Darkness... It is a Duty and Right to Shine.

  5. i continue to be impressed, and learn from, your work. great piece