Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Blues

Pencils get sorted out - blue ones

to the left; red ones, grey, white - teams

in colour-puddles; ready for a quiz. Andrew

(as the host) will look intently, set

the questions - only he will know

the rules and which of seven coloured

groups can win each round - and prize.

‘Ready black team. Start the clock!

‘Dodgems, Waltzer – which one?

Milk Shake or Chocolate – choose!’

He questions them on food and music;

marriage, Jesus, stage show, songs

lyric is the key to feeling

and there will be a tie-break moment

between the blue team and another.

Predictably, the endgame settles:

- one team always wins the battle –

rightly, since they are the blues,

and little blue pencils are humble.

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