Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mortal Coil

Nigel Smith sat on a train

setting off to Kingdom Come,

burped and peed and walked and wailed,

loved his darling Dad and Mum.

Studied hard – geography –

fell in love with Cecile,

summoned all his heat and guts,

bedded her – and kids popped out.

Property in Dunstable,

- semi – quite desirable.

Children left at Potters Bar;

(ring-home sometimes) - Skype their Ma;

Hatfield, Welwyn North, Kings Cross,

Nigel joins the queue, gets off.


  1. A life in a story love this one .For some reason Reginald Perrin came to mind as I was reading it..Wierd?

  2. enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.