Thursday, 1 September 2011

Large Flat Screen

In a small room my father’s hobby
was building a little telly out of tubes, transformers and wood
- for big magic. True, there were times

when the screen went foggy or snowy
and I turned away to look at green trees, whizzing clouds,
or went outside to swing a swing.

But what fascination with black and white
images of men in grey studios and posh voices:
Bill and Ben, Andy Pandy - crazy stories and obvious string.

Adventure unfolds with the Famous Five;
Blue Peter kick-starts the BBC habit of putting
‘One I made earlier’ into the can.

Dad would climb the loft and shout
to Mum to shout to me about image
as he manipulates the aerial, turns it around.

Now everything is bigger: Attenborough and The Blue Planet,
mating snails and rain forest - fast-forward.
I keep on breathing; heartfelt reality.


  1. good idea about looking at the trees...

  2. I remember my grandmother's first TV...a tiny little thing and we would watch it fascinated...the good old analog black and white days...when life was simpler and it took less to make us amazed.