Thursday 29 March 2012

Romancifying Vincent

 There was a young Dutchman called Vincent
who painted the postman and peasant
living in hovels,
loving the brothels,
relationships always unpleasant.

In Etton, his father, a preacher,
his mother, a climber, a reacher:
starry, his passion,
conflict, a mission,
intensity always his teacher.

In ten years of painting, he shows
how to catch nature’s heaven, god knows!
Fighting his battle,
‘til a death rattle
arched him away with the crows.


  1. How wonderful! In limerick fashion ... I have a book of limericks that my Aunt Agnes left me, but I cannot quote them here. She used to read them to me (when she was in her 90s) and cackle like a hen.


    Love you're poems, and love this song!


  3. I heard about you from Charlie and I just found you searching around! Wow, this is a small poetry world. Wonderful poem!

  4. Not easy to write good limericks -- this is good, descriptive, and tells a story.
    Jean Rodenbough

  5. Cute .. I was expecting something more serious .. refreshing and fun though.

  6. ...And I love Don Mclean

    "So it's true then." Deckard leaned forward. "There is another one. And you didn't want me to know about it. What was that all about?" K.W.Jeter, The edge of Human.

  7. Short and crisp..lovely poem

  8. How refreshing to read "old fashioned" rhyming verse - like ALL the great poets ! Lovely poem

  9. I now know all about Vincent Van Gogh, divine! Next please! :-)

  10. says what I now know of poor what a way with words you have!

  11. Absolutely the BEST Poem I've heard since Inaugeration Day!!!
    Thank You for Remembering Vincent.
    Your Earth Sister
    Treesa Szym #UniteBlue

  12. Very nicely done- thank you! BTW, I've been studying vanG on a serious level for over a decade. In case you'd like to discuss.