Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Tap into a cell again
- far too hard for me, old chap, this sum
arithmetic is way, like, too much pain
 - I need to hit the wine bar, stagger home.

Subtract and multiply and add
 - I do believe it’s time - another round:
ask my PC, Apple, iphone, ipad;
move the cursor up - along - and down.

She is a rather super looking mare
 - Paypal up an order to the bar
and we can be what, we, forever were;
self important, humbled, pissed and poor.


  1. LOL Fabulous account of exactly how it seems to be for a lot of people who are now living with their best buddy the computer theres a type for you out there ;)) & it just about does do everything except make the coffee .:)) Love your poem here Again you have a gift of word that writes like no other Beez ;))

  2. You nailed it. With grace. :)TX

  3. you paste into cells. there are some people that are as comfortable w numbers as you are with words. thing is we can't go out and fry our brains with alcohol. but whatever - as a general description of the human condition it reads well. as a personal poem it reads "I'm Smarter Than You Are, Plus I'm Drunk"

  4. A fabulous poem, so apt for (or at least about) so many people. It seems to get harder and harder to do things the old-fashioned (retro) way, and of course, everything is becoming "retro" at an accelerating rate.