Monday, 13 August 2012


He simply wants your spirit
as he fumbles for the key,
with a little song that turns a smile
(he stalks you by degree);

attacks your arrogant nature
with questions in a blow
‘are you Jesus, happy, married?;
‘why not?’ he’ll want to know!

He wants your neck to straighten,
to stop you being ‘cool’
with a smile wrapped round a thunderbolt
- he wants to touch your soul;

there’s magic in a reach of hands;
and then the hugging – love –


  1. This poem has lovely phraseology and I like the cultural paradox of 'soul' and 'key' - heaven and earth, the real and the mystical intertwined. It's a poem for a reader to unwrap, unravel perhaps, and what is most pleasing about it is the serious and weighty undertone in what are light and frothy phrases, created by carefully placed words like blow, thunderbolt and arrogant. Great stuff! I'll be back for more.

  2. That's the real essence of life, that one that goes beyond looks, coolness and other fake standards imposed to many of us.

  3. So precious John! Your son Andrew, so simply, so elegantly, brings us from our complicated world back to the basics, back to what is most real, most important, most soul-feeding. Once again, God takes the simple child to show us His most magnificent truths: God is Love, making Himself real to us through precious souls like Andrew! Thank you so much for sharing!

    With proper credits to you (and Andrew), I would love to share your remarkable poem with my blog readers. May I have your permission? My blog is at My email address is MotherGrieving (at)

    Bless you!