Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hunger Games

At the end of our little flight
- right among the scrambling moments
when people panic, stand and panic again
(grabbing their luggage) a lovely girl

twirled and kissed her handsome boyfriend
- open mouthed like a hungry fish
unhinged her jaws and swallowed head,
shoulders, torso, then his legs.

She looked around and gulped down a fatter girl,
whole, and formed a bigger plan for dinner
- wings and fuselage, engine, petrol, oil,
all inside her belly, masticated.

Frustrated now, she turns her beady eye
towards the airport, city – walks along and hugs her belly, sighs.

1 comment:

  1. John,

    I had a wonderful image, perhaps a Monty Pythonesque image, of that ever so nice girl in your poem devouring her boyfriend....and all else:)
    Then, I simply saw the usual panic around the baggage carousel, when we only see what we are looking for...
    Very fresh writing with great observation. I can see the influence from your son Andrew, in your work. A magnificent 'other opinion.'