Friday, 9 November 2012

Writer's Block

Like a stroppy teenager, one blank page defies
my intention to write down words:
an empty mind and empty paper.
Silence, blank, void – until I listen with intent
and hear my train trundle and rumble South.
I let a pen leak a few words
and some thing’s down there now.

I learned the duties of a clown from Andrew:
at home in a world of nonsense,
turning up voltage again and again;
not perfectly perfect but urging
inclusion; connecting the hearts of some people
through smiles – with spaces between all their talking and words,
where, truly, a mystery lies.


  1. I get this. Thanks for sharing with us. A writer's block is an experience we can all relate to but you've even delivered it beautifully, like finding something from nothing.

  2. Wonderful, read it 3 times x
    Not perfectly perfect but urging inclusion :)