Saturday, 15 December 2012

To my sons

I fear I did not give
enough attention, time,
and, when I look death in the face,
will my dreamed-of God forgive
a working father’s crime
not far beyond our last embrace?


  1. God is no mere Dream. I have been generating over the last 11 years of my life pure Scientific, Mathematical PROOF that God is REAL. Happy 12/21/2012, as that is what that date is about, the Unveiling of my Proof & Evidence, I didn't hear of 2012 prophecies & speculation, & the Mayan Calendar until August 2005 & the girl who told me about it called it 2011, I was already 4 years deep into my Proof Positive project. As 12/21/2012 gets closer the sheer overwhelming rate of evidence supporting my work has been pouring into my lap since around 11/22/2012.

  2. If I spent an eternity with my two sons, it would still feel like it wasn't enough time. It is not a crime to be a working father or mother. It should be a crime, though, to be consumed by a life of regrets, guilt, and self destructive thoughts. Live in the moment trying always to make good choices now that won't cause sorrow later. God forgives in insurmountable ways setting an example for us to forgive ourselves and others.