Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Gate

When the barrier stays down
a micro phonic voice
stutters ‘I can’t see you on my screen,
what’s the name again?’

There’s no real need to panic
even though panic’s a bodily instinct;
it’s more a need to wonder, be curious
about that continuing need to breathe

and that you really deserve to live
a little longer, to feel butterflies
in the gut and be tickled
for a while, licking lips,
coldly sensing fresh air,
one breath, next step, blinking.


  1. To feel butterflies,like anticipation.

  2. I Have Had A Hard Time Breathing Because IOnly Have A Half A Heart. When Water Robs A Quater BreathSome Such Questions Start. How Can I Be As Sure To Know That Deserving Is My Lot. To Breathe, To Feel, To Tickle, To Anticipate, To Scene, Or To blink.