Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Dimmer

A Boy pens a sun like a smiley tangerine,
a Girl bounces steadily on her trampoline.
Mother makes tea and beams down on her family.
Father gives presents to them all on Christmas day.

A boy stays out late because there is a party.
A girl texts her mother and calls her new boyfriend.
Dad pens agendas and heads off for the Boardroom.
A boy fights mummy and father in the pantry.
Girl loves the heat of a smelly double poster
and sun shines light into cracks among the shadows.

A Boy gets his first job loading in a warehouse,
a Girl tries out loving with a few men and boys.
A Woman is married, settles into offspring,
a Man weds a girl with a single golden ring.
A new Boy is drawing a sunny tangerine,
a new Girl bounces on her Christmas trampoline.


  1. Very heartfelt and filled with emotion and beautiful imagery. Good job. :)

  2. Wonderful poem, John. Can feel the circle of life.

  3. And the circle continues... I liked the pictures you drew with your descriptions.

  4. Beautiful poem, so close, Desperately needs editing. Read it aloud, find the scan and the rhythm or not. Give it another go for perfection!