Sunday, 11 January 2015


‘Book of Mormon’ is rollicking hot,
two-by-two dancing, rude - but  (like)  fun.
Andrew and I absorbing the plot
- when a sweet girl starts a honeydew song.

Wide open – an innocent snowball
of pure hope and sun in the morning.
Every note touching bellies and throats,
melting jaundice, judgment, disjoints;
singing from heart in a little face
sweet as dates, light as a veil.

At the interval, engagement is deep:
a tie at the ball, champagne pops.
Andrew holds a fizzy lemonade
nodding around, clear as a cat
‘I’ll marry that girl in the pink dress,
She’s just like me – she is me!’

and I wring small tears ‘I see, my son, I see.’
glance away –  too keen to agree.