Monday, 22 June 2009


‘Hey Mister, look what I got in this jam jar;

I got a pet bumble, I got a pet bee!

Her name is Maisy, I’ll keep her forever

Maisy is pretty and Maisy is me.’


Maisy batters and buzzes the glass;

Energy can go beyond the airless


And an old man in the station

Clumsily tries to pick up 5p

Again and again with cold white fingers;

Clubs of intensity ‘Do it for me!’


On his head he wears a jaunty cap,

‘Make sure you catch your train’ he grins ‘young chap’


And so, ‘I’ll tell you what, let’s twist the cap’

And with a rush of air then Maisy’s free.


  1. very nice, i like the vibe

  2. I have many bubble bees under my window and in my yard. As, well as wasps and ants. They sing the day and the night away.