Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Obama's Speech Bubble

Only his mouth expresses a sound

in a moment floating as if in a bubble,

squeezing out air towards a crowd

who dangle in hope for his very next word

(reaching and straining for peace - or trouble;

like a white butterfly or chasing hound.)


His word vibrates and sound bows down:

ripples to nothing - so efforts re-double.

Only his mouth expresses a sound.



  1. Excellent. How can you write so much & so rapidly with so much clarity & vision?

  2. I loved the poem very cool:))

  3. I think the President of the United States of America would enjoy your poetry.

  4. Love the phrase "sound bows down." I'm a sucker for unique images and internal rhyme!

  5. Really like this one for its fluidity-from line to line-and the abstract connection to the title of the poem. This captures my president which you amazingly caught from perch abroad. Bravo!

  6. Yes--sound without meaning, the promise of hope, but just hot air. You have captured the vacuous nature of his verbosity quite well. Chasing a butterfly? How about chasing the wind?

  7. Excellent.We need to be reminded how difficult a job he has.