Friday, 17 July 2009


I wake at five o’ clock

every morning this week

with no one else in the house

and now remember Sunday dinner,

slow eating like Arthur’s knights:


Andrew, Merlin, holding court.


He knows the names of days,

months, even seasons, but

has no time for clocks

when he sees a throng

of mates around a table


and nudges them into song.


He knows more than kings

that fortune has no era

finer than this moment;

that now it’s time to sit,

smile and clap in time:


urging that humans unite.


  1. Another great poem John, enjoyed all of the latest.


  2. Thanks - you help me keep up the effort!!

  3. I've always enjoyed Arthurian literature, so I had to come and read this poem. Excellent work, John.

  4. Adding a touch of nobility and legend. Very nice John.

  5. Amazing poem. I found you on twitter. I love King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, you make a connection like Mark Twain between now and Middle Ages. I love how you make it jovial like a Sunday Family Dinner.

  6. great poem. such nice alliterations and extended metaphor and all that jazz. Love it! Oh, and btw, I, too, found you on twitter (I'm @PoeticErotica). I'd love to talk poetry and whatever's clever sometime. :)

  7. Hehe each one is better than the last. Cant wait to read through all of your material John!! Test the Rules!!