Sunday, 12 July 2009

Super Hero with Down's Syndrome

‘Look Mom, at a Super Hero sitting on a chair

inside our little living room in Super Hero gear’

The Hero’s eyes are hooded orbs of strange tomfoolery,

un-prepossessed and out to tackle any evil deed.


Fancy a party, a twirling, twist and shout?

Disco bopping, let’s go shopping, flop and smile and

chat with strangers, funny folk,

who don’t need Super Heroes - but do


enjoy fun; a grin, a hug, a sparkled eye-to-eye

and laugh out-loud at crazy pranks that Super Heroes play.

Pre-eminent in mischief,

shenanigans and winning smiles.


  1. You are so blessed: Both to have such wonderful children and to appreciate them so much.

  2. Wonderful. You paint a lovely picture of a lovely person.

  3. Two nice comments above and this one with love to the family.Regards j.