Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Down's Up

First off – with a peep out from

sleepy eyes he starts the

world again and smiles

looking at toys

who know places

like seaside where

ice cream tastes good

and dodgems where they bumped

and exciting musicals

when people on stage wave

like a big mirror.

He knows where he’s going

and knows it doesn’t matter.

On the school-bus he laughs

loud at songs and driver

each with its bubble of colour

and in minutes hello’s

headmaster, teachers, fellows,

feeling again excitement

like dodgems, musicals,

ice cream knowing he’s got it

made with smiles and friendship,

love and funny people;

lucky life.


  1. Wow... I read this three times, and had a different emotion each time. "lucky life," indeed.

  2. I share your enthusiasm for words. I wasn't as affected as much by this poem as i was an earlier one. Probably says more about me. Is the HP Blavatsky you quote?

  3. very good mirrors my own experience.

  4. Brilliant Title,we could all learn a lot from the feeling of excitement and involvement the poem talks about.