Friday, 19 March 2010

Andrew's talking

about going for a walk;

which he can’t see the point of.

Not useful like eating a plate of chips

or singing; like puppets and funny voices

or stories on the spot, extemporised. No,

it’s NOT a good idea to walk cold.

Why would you, when you can smile and

connect and have a laugh, hug?

He says ‘No, I be leaving!’ and we answer

‘Come on then, put your coat on luvvie!’

‘No – I be leaving’ and sits looking stern and worried,

intent on NOT leaving by saying he’s leaving;

meaning - no shoes, no coat, no mud.

No! No - he’s LEAVING our suggestion to be leaving

because it’s NOT fun, is it?

….walking…. and looking ahead…. avoiding connection.

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